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Who We Work With

Powerful Communities create real impact in the world and CEL Education Fund is fortunate to support and work with the following projects and organizations who are creating tangible and substantive results.

18 Million Rising

Activating Asian America.

Visit the 18 Million Rising Website.

Climate Parents Education Fund

Mobilizing parents and families for kid-safe and climate-safe energy.

Visit the Climate Parents Website.


Organizing artists, writers and other creative workers to strike back
against anti-immigrant laws and attitudes.

Visit the CultureStrike Website.

Demand Progress (independent grantee of CEL Education Fund)

Mobilizing the public to challenge entrenched power and promote freedom.

Visit the Demand Progress Website.

Faithful America Education Fund

Reclaiming Christianity from the religious right and putting faith into action
for social justice.

Visit the Faithful America Website.

Forecast The Facts

Ensuring that Americans hear the truth about climate change.

Visit the Forecast The Facts Website.

Latino Startup Alliance

Encouraging the cultivation of U.S. Latino led technology startup ventures by
providing a strong support network of fellow entrepreneurs, investors, innovators,
& mentors.

Visit the Latino Startup Alliance Website.

Movement Vision Lab

Training grassroots organizations and leaders to be more visible and effective
in the public sphere while helping project social justice issues and ideas
into the media.

Visit the Movement Vision Lab's Website.

New Arts Axis

Facilitating creative innovation and impact for art, culture and human rights.

Visit the New Arts Axis Website.

Occupy Our Homes

Supporting Americans who stand up to their banks and fight for their home.

Visit the Occupy Our Homes Website.


Connecting the worlds leading progressive digital campaigning organizations
so we can all create much more change, much faster.

Presente Education Fund

Amplifying the voice of Latino communities.

Visit the Presente Website.

Ultraviolet Education Fund

Fighting sexism and expanding women’s rights.

Visit the Ultraviolet Website.

Video the Vote

Ensuring timely, complete, and accurate reporting of voter suppression
and election irregularities by organizing citizen journalists to document
elections in their communities

Visit the Video the Vote's Website.